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Know your Cybersecurity Readiness

The complex nature of modern business systems makes it easier for criminals to break in and more challenging for organisations to remain secure. Knowledge is the first step to reducing risks – by leveraging professional services such as Active Directory (AD) assessment, security validation, penetration testing, cloud risk assessments, architecture review, and identity governance reviews, your business can stop attacks before they happen.

Assess and Secure your Business with Dotcom Cybersecurity

Dotcom Cybersecurity combines expert teams, leading tools and in-house processes to assess an organisation’s cybersecurity measures, tailored to each specific business environment and requirements. We provide in-depth and practical remediation steps, working with you to deliver lasting protection and value for your digital enterprise. From specific interventions to comprehensive managed security services, our professional assessment and advisory services, enhance and complement your security strategies.

Assessment Services

Implementation Services

Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Assess your Security to Ensure the Best Protection

Know where your security stands and how to enhance it: Dotcom Cybersecurity’s professional services assess and advise on your security environment, guided by your business requirements, then deliver comprehensive and tailored recommendations as well as hands-on support from our expert teams.

We’ve developed a range of security services, combining leading vendor platforms and our in-house security, technology, and business expertise to enable and support your business. Our customers take advantage of different price points and service brackets, enabling them to assess their cybersecurity readiness. Dotcom Cybersecurity’s experts provide detailed and practical steps to remedy such risks and work closely with your teams, or on their behalf, to tackle identified problems.

Contact us and experience how we use our expertise in Managed Security Services, security tools, and threat intelligence to uncover misconfigurations, permission creep, unseen gaps, cloud vulnerabilities and more. From access rights and architecture to security governance and the cloud, Dotcom Cybersecurity helps you cover all your security bases.