Assessment Services

Dotcom Cybersecurity delivers a range of specialised
security assessment services.

Cloud Risk Assessment

Evaluate your organisation’s cloud infrastructure to maintain a strong security posture, protect sensitive data, and ensure regulatory compliance. Dotcom Cybersecurity identifies vulnerabilities and areas of weakness. We review access controls, data encryption, network security, and other critical cloud infrastructure components, and conduct vulnerability scans and risk analysis. Our Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tool provides continuous monitoring and real-time alerts for private, hybrid and public cloud, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Alibaba, and Oracle.

Vulnerability Management Services

Dotcom Cybersecurity’s vulnerability management includes vulnerability assessment, configuration assessment, certificate assessment, and cloud security assessment. We cover scans, reports, on-premises device inventory, certificate inventory, cloud inventory, container security, mobile device inventory, asset categorisation and normalisation, enriched asset information, and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) synchronisation. We work with you to develop a cost structure that meets your specific needs, including tailored consultation services.

Security Validation

Assess and optimise your organisation’s ransomware defence controls with our comprehensive, automated, and continuous Security Validation service. It identifies gaps in your security controls, recommends changes and provides real-world data on how your security controls perform. Our security validation integrates seamlessly into your existing security framework, and Dotcom Cybersecurity’s experts are on hand to provide support and guidance at all times.

Penetration Testing

We offer advanced penetration testing services to uncover vulnerabilities, combining cutting-edge technology with expert analysis for comprehensive security assessments. Our pentesting is tailored to your business, uses continuous testing to spot evolving threats, and delivers actionable recommendations based on expert analysis from our team of certified ethical hackers and security analysts. As a managed security service provider, our pentesting services seamlessly integrate to provide a holistic and proactive security service.

Assess your Security to Ensure the Best Protection

Know where your security stands and how to enhance it: Dotcom Cybersecurity’s professional services assess and advise on your security environment, guided by your business requirements, then deliver comprehensive and tailored recommendations as well as hands-on support from our expert teams.

We’ve developed a range of security services, combining leading vendor platforms and our in-house security, technology, and business expertise to enable and support your business. Our customers take advantage of different price points and service brackets, enabling them to assess their cybersecurity readiness. Dotcom Cybersecurity’s experts provide detailed and practical steps to remedy such risks and work closely with your teams, or on their behalf, to tackle identified problems.

Contact us and experience how we use our expertise in Managed Security Services, security tools, and threat intelligence to uncover misconfigurations, permission creep, unseen gaps, cloud vulnerabilities and more. From access rights and architecture to security governance and the cloud, Dotcom Cybersecurity helps you cover all your security bases.