Asset Management

Secure your Digital Assets

An organisation’s infrastructure, devices and software are the foundation underpinning its performance and agility. Tracking and managing so many devices, services, and applications is a daunting task—and a tempting target for cybercriminals. Effective IT Asset Management (ITAM) reduces this risk. It ensures that your organisation’s assets are accounted for, deployed, maintained, and disposed of as scheduled. It also provides you with a comprehensive inventory of valuable tangible and intangible assets while deriving insights and managing them to meet business requirements and budgets.

Derisk your Digital Assets with Dotcom Cybersecurity

Dotcom Cybersecurity knows that you can only secure and manage what you have sight of. Today, companies must often safeguard thousands of devices, services, applications, and other infrastructure components. These must be identified, audited, patched, and tracked to ensure continuous efficiency while optimising cybersecurity. Using a combination of leading vendor tools and in-house skills, we deliver a comprehensive range of IT Asset Management (ITAM) service options and payment tiers to suit different organisations’ unique environments.

Our IT Asset Management Services

Dotcom Cybersecurity takes care of your IT asset management requirements with scalable and affordable services.

Patch Management

Dotcom Cybersecurity ensures your patch management process delivers and the correct patches are deployed. We assist in identifying and patching vulnerabilities across heterogeneous operating system environments, different configurations, and all major third-party applications. We also cover all the servers, desktops, and laptops so that your whole environment is protected and patched.

Mobile Management

Enable your users to work on any device confidently, knowing that employees’ and corporate information is protected across mobile devices. Dotcom Cybersecurity identifies, secures, and manages mobile devices through a best-of-breed unified interface, reducing the overhead and complexity of your endpoint and mobile management requirements.

Vulnerability Management

We provide vulnerability management for your specific needs and budget: from basic service scanning, prioritisation and reporting to advanced container security, mobile device inventory, enriched asset information, and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) synchronisation. Our vulnerability assessment scrutinises configurations, certificates, cloud security, remediations, program governance and guidance, and custom reporting.

IT Asset Management

Dotcom Cybersecurity lets you manage your IT assets anytime, from anywhere, through our management platform. Search for assets by serial number, tag, device name, user, or location. Update fields as necessary, view a user’s profile, check for device incidents, and apply automated quick actions—all while working remotely or on the move.

Taking Care of Cybersecurity

Reduce the daily demands of cybersecurity: Dotcom Cybersecurity’s professional experts understand the ins and outs of security operations. We augment your established security teams and systems or provide full operational coverage while your security staff plan and guide the process.

We’ve developed a range of security services, combining leading vendor platforms and our in-house security, technology, and business expertise to enable and support your business. Our customers choose what they need: focus on endpoints, train staff, protect data, identify emerging threats, provide quick and comprehensive reporting, ensure security compliance, protect web applications, and more. We tailor our asset management services to customers’ unique risk profiles and budgets.

Contact us to explore how we simplify technology Asset Management and protect your assets, ensuring cybersecurity across your user devices, infrastructure, and cloud components.