Endpoint Security

Reduce Digital Risk by Securing your Endpoints

Endpoints – those devices and services routinely accessed by employees, customers, and partners – represent some of your organisation’s most significant digital risks. Criminals frequently target endpoint devices, and malicious employees abuse their access in acts that lead to harm and financial loss. These threats are even more prevalent in hybrid workplaces. With the right strategy, identifying your endpoint security risks and securing those targets will substantially reduce risk while improving digital dividends.

Safeguard Endpoints with Dotcom Cybersecurity

Protect your business from cyber threats with our advanced endpoint security solutions. Dotcom Cybersecurity offers real-time protection for all your devices, services, and sensitive data. Enjoy access and expertise to leading cybersecurity solutions such as encryption, endpoint detection and response, data loss prevention, and more – tailored to your business priorities and risk profile.

Our Endpoint Security Services

Dotcom Cybersecurity offers a comprehensive range of endpoint security solutions.

Endpoint Detection
and Response (EDR)

Address the blind spots of traditional endpoint security tools that cannot always detect and stop advanced threats. Our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution solves this by providing complete endpoint visibility across your organisation. We continuously monitor your company’s endpoint activity, using real-time analysis to automatically identify, detect and prevent all types of threats as they happen. Security teams can rapidly investigate incidents, respond to alerts, and proactively hunt for new threats, ensuring your business remains secure.

Extended Detection
and Response (XDR)

Extend detection and response capabilities across multiple security layers, including endpoint, cloud, identity, network, and mobile. Our Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution and service gives security teams centralised end-to-end enterprise visibility, powerful analytics, and automated response. Leverage your existing security investments through third-party integrations, improve event investigations with automation, auto-deploy security agents on unprotected systems, and unify enterprise security data in one convenient, context-rich, cost-effective platform.

Endpoint Encryption

Combine strong full-disk and removable media encryption built on top of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption technology with an intuitive central management platform. Dotcom Cybersecurity protects sensitive data from loss or theft, using comprehensive endpoint encryption, strong cryptography and enterprise-class management while supporting engaging user experiences for maximised buy-in and adoption. Our encryption solutions even help administrators prove if a device was encrypted, should it go missing.

Identity Protection

Detect and deflect attacks against on-premises Active Directory (AD) and cloud-hosted Azure while giving your security teams visibility and awareness of attacks targeting critical domain servers. We protect Active Directory (AD)-privileged credentials from theft, provide visibility into service account compromises, and spot Identify Access Control Lists (ACL) and delegation misconfigurations that give accounts elevated rights without proper membership. Dotcom Cybersecurity protects high-value user, service, and system accounts from compromise.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Gain comprehensive discovery, monitoring, and protection capabilities that give you total visibility and control over your confidential data. Our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution delivers the highest level of protection needed to prevent data breaches. Write policies once and enforce them across all data loss channels. Discover data across cloud, email, web, endpoints, and storage. Dotcom Cybersecurity provides a unified management console to monitor how data is being used and protects data in real-time from being exposed or stolen.

Mobile Security

Know that the mobile devices accessing your systems and data are secured with our Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) solution that delivers autonomous threat protection, detection, and response for iOS, Android, and ChromeOS devices. Based on zero trust principles, Dotcom Cybersecurity offers best-in-class on-device autonomous Artificial Intelligence (AI) protection and visibility that detects unknown malware, phishing, and other exploits. We provide zero-touch deployment, balance data privacy with security, and go easy on device batteries!

Your Partner for Endpoint Security

Dotcom Cybersecurity combines the leading vendor technologies and security frameworks with best practices, business analysis, risk audits and strategic planning to deliver solutions that make sense for your business and its security environment. We don’t just deliver answers – we provide roadmaps and support for security success.

Whether you seek to enhance your current security investments, elevate your security capacity and visibility, or establish managed services that return more of their time and resources, we have the skills and experience to safeguard your endpoints against outside intrusions, and internal sabotage.

Speak to us today for Endpoint Security that secures your business where your staff, customers and partners get things done.